Would you like to share your morning tea with one of these fine fellows? No problem! You can learn more about how to do that right here.

Here you will learn to:

  • Select types of flowers that attract hummingbirds
  • Choose water sources for your hummies
  • Identify the different types of hummie feeders, food, and feeder maintenance techniques
  • Locate sources for purchasing all of the above plants/supplies



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m wondering if those plastic hummingbird feeders with the nectar in them really work. And also, how do the birds find the feeder? Is there something I can do?

  2. Yes they really work. Get clear premixed food and hang in a sunny spot where it will be very visible from the air. It also helps to have some of their favorite flowers around too. See the Annuals and Perennials pages.

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